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Create a relaxing oasis to escape the chaos of daily life
How public green spaces can be designed to promote happiness and well-being

The lights, energy and sounds of city living are exhilarating — until they’re exhausting. In response, landscape architects are embracing a trend called “placemaking,” and it’s just like it sounds.


Placemaking is an approach to planning, designing and managing public spaces that promote happiness and well-being.


Landscape architects are creating peaceful outdoor spaces designed to encourage people to relax and escape the chaos of their daily lives. These places incorporate sitting areas, shady spots, plants, sculptures and water features. These respite areas can evolve from abandoned lots and unused spaces between buildings to create a mini oasis in the midst of a city right of way, corporate campus, hospitality establishment or retail center.

Stay calm and increase profits

Besides making landscapes more aesthetically pleasing, placemaking can positively affect a company’s productivity and profitability. That’s why placemaking is more than a beautification initiative — it’s an investment in employees and customers.


Research shows that, on average, companies lose $1,250 per employee per year due to a lack of engagement, meaning employees physically show up for work but are not mentally present.


Companies in the public sector spend an additional $2,502 per year per employee on lost wages caused by absenteeism.

The same research study proves spending time outdoors helps employees:

  • relieve stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve concentration and elevate moods

These biological factors are directly correlated to higher employee engagement and productivity rates, and fewer absences, which benefits the company’s bottom line. These metrics alone build a financial case for investing in outdoor green spaces where employees can take a break during the work day.

Bars and retailers have even more to gain by capitalizing on the placemaking trend. In addition to providing respite areas for their staff, outdoor spaces encourage customers to socialize or relax, which may lead to longer visits and more purchases.

Stay connected to the things you love

Everyone has a unique routine to relax and unwind. Some people enjoy sitting outdoors listening to their favorite playlists, while others prefer to mindlessly scroll through their social media feeds or call a friend to catch up. 


Incorporating electrical outlets and USB charging ports into outdoor green spaces allows people to stay connected to the things they love — while disconnecting from everything else.


Safe, permanent outdoor receptacles, like in-ground electrical boxes, can be used to power outdoor events, speakers or water features to enhance respite areas. These in-ground electrical boxes sit flush to the ground to prevent tripping hazards, and they are durable enough to withstand seasonal climate changes.   


While in-ground wired solutions are ideal for new construction projects or major retrofits, solar charging umbrellas can be added to easily retrofit an existing space with mobile device charging power. They are aesthetically pleasing to complement the surrounding landscape and allow people to plug in their phones while they mentally recharge. All of these permanent, outdoor power solutions are UL-listed and safe to use in a variety of weather conditions.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architects can contact Legrand for help specifying the right outdoor power solutions for their placemaking projects. 



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