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Come On Live Long

Friday, December 20, 2013 | by Caitie Tieman

Dublin-based Come On Live Long released their debut album, Everything Fall, over the summer and it's a masterful blend of synthy interludes and folky dual vocals, that build and retreat in splendidly fluid patterns. And thus, in a rather predictable fashion, I love it. My favorite track, “Mountains,” shifts smoothly between hushed verses and impassioned choruses with the kind of enchanting repetitions that make me think of twisting a kaleidoscope to bring a fresh but familiar pattern into view. Other favorites include the opening track “Wasteland” and the stripped-but-soulful percussion-driven ballad, "Cybil."


And as a bonus, also hailing from the Emerald Isle, I recommend using this track from This Club to get an energetic jumpstart on my week.