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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Monday, December 15, 2014 | by Caitie Tieman

As family roles go, I’m typically the member charged with explaining the many mysteries of modern popular culture to my oft-confused but unfailingly curious mother – but when she asked me how/why Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were teaming up for an album of jazzy duets, I had no explanation to offer her. I really didn’t get it either.

But, after having given the album a chance, it turns out I think Cheek to Cheek is terrifically entertaining. Gaga and Tony obviously enjoy each other and enjoy performing together, and the fun that they are having serves to showcase their respective talents charmingly.

And, much to my merriment, the duo have also now offered up this cover of “Winter Wonderland,” only further solidifying my new stance as fan, while also helping foster a little holiday spirit.

I still can’t explain how exactly this partnership came about, but I can at least assure my mother that I like it.