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Wish I Was Here

Monday, July 21, 2014 | by Caitie Tieman

Released last week, the soundtrack to Zach Braff’s latest film (Wish I Was Here) has proven yet again that the actor/director has outstanding taste in music. A compilation with dashes of both beloved, preexisting tunes and stunning, newly commissioned tracks, the album plays as a gorgeous audio trip rich with emotion. Kicking off with the dreamy “So Now What,” written specifically for the film, the combination of Braff and The Shins is always indisputably awesome, while the handpicked previously-released songs that follow, things like Radical Face’s “The Mute,” Bon Iver’s “Holocene,” and Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child,” all still seem to shine brightly within this remarkable assembly. My personal favorite of the soundtrack, “Heavenly Father” - another Bon Iver tune, this time crafted just for the movie – pulls on some of the aching familial sentiments at the center of the film, and manages to satisfy that sacred soundtrack balance of dancing along the plot while also standing strong on its own.