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Monday, May 12, 2014 | by Caitie Tieman

Out this week, the debut full-length album from Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) is arriving just in time to kick-off the summer. Her voice is both sweet and intriguing (you’re likely familiar with it, as she lent it to Zedd for the Grammy-award-winning hit “Clarity”), and when backed by polished indie pop the result is infectious tunes that just beg to be part of the season's soundtrack. I think Foxes will most definitely appeal to fans of the likes of Florence + the Machine, HAIM, MS MR, Ellie Golding, etc. The latest single, “Holding Onto Heaven,” is my favorite of the tracks released so far, but come tomorrow I can’t wait to dive into the full album to see what other catchy goodies Foxes has to offer.