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Wild Belle

Monday, November 3, 2014 | by Dennis Brandt

Wild Belle is a Midwest group consisting of siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman who grew up in and around Chicago. However, when you listen to their unique sound you would think they're from somewhere in the Caribbean, like Jamaica. They blend reggae, ska, and other afrobeat music into a catchy indie-pop sound. Wild Belle's song, "Shine," was even featured in season 9 episode #13 of Grey's Anatomy!?  

They began in the underground and are now seeing their hard work payoff as they gain notoriety in the main stream music scene. So if you're stuck in the northeast or northwest (or really anywhere) and you begin to feel the bitterness of winter, play some Wild Belle and sit, relax and let them take you to a sunny, warm location where all the drinks come with tiny umbrellas.