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Damien Rice

Monday, October 6, 2014 | by Caitie Tieman

Dreams really do come true -- Damien Rice’s third studio (VERY EAGERLY anticipated) album is real, is happening, and has an announced release date of November 11, 2014!  After eight years of wishing on a great many stars for new Damien music, and enduring all manner of false alarms and unsubstantiated rumors, I could not have been more excited by the official news when it came out a few weeks ago. And since, the insanely talented Irish singer-songwriter has gifted the world with not-one-but-two tracks – two gloriously-gorgeous moody wonderful tracks.

One of my favorite things about Damien Rice’s music is that his lyrics turn the corner from tender to sucker-punch better than darn near any other songwriter I could name. Coupled then with graceful-if-maudlin melodies (that occasionally take sharp detours towards angsty and aggressive rock interludes), Damien’s songs are poetic and mesmerizing and deeply-rooted in the human condition…and pretty much perfect in my estimation.   



Categories: Folk, Indie, Rock
Caitie Tieman is part of the NuVo team that works on graphics and content writing. She's an avid listener and an expert at musical jeopardy.