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Parquet Courts

Monday, July 13, 2015 | by Dennis Brandt

I recommend Parquet Courts to everyone and anyone. Their sound wasn’t trending prior to their first LP release Light up Gold 2012. Their 2014 album, Sunbathing Animal, kicks off with “Bodies made of” with guitars resembling that of late 70’s New York punk band Television. The album courts an almost paranoid sense of fleeing somewhere on songs like, “Ducking and Dodging,” and “Always back in Town.” Max Savage’s (guitar/vocals) voice sounds frightened and even a bit tone deaf which adds to the obscure paranoid feeling I got when listening to this album the first few times.  The album as a whole though is epic and not one song seems rushed or thrown in.  If you like 1970’s New York rock, new wave and punk music, this album is a must own (and really all their released material is a must own), so give it a listen. Key Tracks: “Black and White,” “Instant Disassembly,” and “What Color is Blood.”