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Monday, June 22, 2015 | by Caitie Tieman

Horns Glorious Horns!

Beirut is releasing their first album in four years in September, and has generously already gifted the world with the infectious title track, “No No No.” For those of you not familiar with Beirut, I enthusiastically encourage you to give the band a go. Not only due to the use of afore mentioned horns (I really love me some trumpet, folks…and flugelhorn, for that matter), but also for their worldly and eclectic sound. Formed in Santé Fe, New Mexico, the band pulls together a sweeping list of influences and is audibly inspired by jazz music, mariachi bands, Balkan folk tunes, etc. There’s even some glockenspiel thrown in occasionally for good measure. Listening to Beirut sometimes feels like taking your ears on a melodic tour of the world, and I happen to think that’s pretty awesome.

Check out the strangely delightful video for “No No No” below, and don’t forget to revel in that trumpet!