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Keith Richards

Monday, September 21, 2015 | by Caitie Tieman

I didn’t really expect to like the new Keith Richards album; I honestly hadn’t made plans to even hear it out. But sometimes music surprises you.

Released last week, Crosseyed Heart is the third solo offering from the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist – and the first in 20+ years. During his session with NPR’s World Café (the engine behind my surprising encounter), Keith and host David Dye discussed the myriad of influences and styles found on the record – including inspiration taken from a book sent to Mr. Richard’s by one Tom Waits (because apparently, just as in my imagination, musical icons are pen pals?).  Elements from blues and folk, obviously rock, and even reggae, come into play on the tracks of the album, with the raspy speak-singing style of Keith a constant throughout.

My favorite track, “Illusion,” is a lovely and compelling, though uncomplicated, duet with Norah Jones. Hear it here: