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ez patch

A Better Way to Patch

EZ Patch Product Family

Legrand first introduced EZ Patch in 2012 as an environmentally friendly product innovation for dispensing patch cords. The patented patch cord management solution was designed to dispense cords quickly and easily, reducing installation time, waste and improving staging area organization. In 2018 we introduced the second member of the EZ Patch family – EZ Patch Flat Pack, continuing on the original philosophy of improving the installation experience and providing more sustainable packaging.

EZ Patch (Box):

The original EZ Patch solution features a patented design that allows patch cords to be easily dispensed from a fully recyclable cardboard box. A unique clip design connects the patch cords within the box, allowing for easy dispensing and removal of the cords. The EZ Patch solution comes in both standard and reduced (28 AWG) diameter from CAT 5e to CAT 6A with up to 50 cables per box.

EZ Patch Flat Pack

With EZ Patch Flat Pack, all the patch cords are laid out flat in a single plastic bag in quantities of 12 or 24 patch cords. Due to the flat package and arrangement of cords there is no cable memory to deal with when removed from the packaging, and a contractor can quickly populate a patch panel without opening multiple bags or removing tie wraps. The result is less overall waste and reduced installation time, simplifying the experience. EZ Patch Flat Pack also comes in standard and reduced (28 AWG) diameters from CAT 5e to CAT 6A.

EZ Patch
A fully recyclable box that simplifies patch cord deployment
EZ Patch Flat Pack
Patch cords packaged together in a single bag with no cord memory

Features and Benefits

ez patch reduce waste

Reduced Waste

The original EZ Patch solution features a fully recyclable cardboard box. When all cords have been dispensed, throw the box and clips into the recycle bin.

EZ Patch Flat Pack drastically reduces the total waste generated by patch cords by consolidating them into a single bag.

ez patch fast install

Faster Installation

Installation time can be cut nearly in half when compared to traditional individually bagged patch cords with either the EZ Patch or the EZ Patch Flat Pack solution.


EZ Patch
Witness how easy it is to work with the original EZ Patch solution through installation and disposal of the fully recyclable box. 
EZ Patch Flat Pack
Watch the walk-through of the features and benefits of the new Flat Pack solution – including 3 different ways to patch. 


EZ Patch Brochure
Download this brochure to view the full EZ Patch family alongside their features and benefits.
EZ Patch Flat Pack Data Sheet – Reduced Diameter

Download this data sheet to see the reduced diameter offering for EZ Patch flat pack.

EZ Patch Flat Pack Data Sheet - TechChoice
Download this data sheet to see the TechChoice offering for EZ Patch flat pack.

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