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Legrand Introduces New Contain-IT™ FLEX Aisle Containment System

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New London, CT, April 11, 2017 – Legrand®, a global leader in high-performance network infrastructure hardware, today introduced Contain-IT FLEX, a new aisle containment system designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers while eliminating many of the shortcomings that are associated with traditional containment solutions.

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Does your containment strategy comply with TITLE 24?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

With Silicon Valley right in the middle of California, numerous prominent technology companies call the Golden State home to their corporate headquarters – and to their large data centers. California is home to 800 data centers, more than any other state. This implicates a very serious California state requirement: Title 24.


Date center managers deploying containment strategies in California must comply with the state’s Title 24 regulations in the sections referred to as “computer rooms.” The legislation defines a computer room as:


“A room whose primary function is to house electronic equipment and that has a design equipment power density exceeding 20watts/ft² (215 watts/m²) of condi­tioned floor space.”

Compliance for Title 24 is required in:

  • All new construction computer room loads over 5 tons of cooling (17.5 kW IT load)
  • Any new computer room in an existing building that adds more than a total of 20 tons of cooling (70 kW IT load) above 2013 baseline
  • Any addition to an existing room that adds more than a total of 50 tons of cooling (175 kW IT load) above 2013 baseline


Containment is required when rooms reach above a 175 kW total design IT load. The method of containment can be selected by the end user as long as hot/cold-air mixing is substantially prohibited.


Expansion of an existing computer room is exempt if IT racks have a design load under 1 kW and equivalent energy perfor­mance based on engineering analysis.


Regardless of the computer room layout, containment solutions must be flexible if data center managers want to meet Title 24. And with so many data centers in the Golden State, these regulations are worth knowing about!


To support these growing regulations and energy efficiencies that are being placed on data centers, Legrand has recently launched a new containment solution that is designed to be easy to specify and install using modular components. To learn more about the new containment solution, visit

Airflow Integrity Best Practices

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Data center managers are increasingly seeking effective airflow management solutions that will prevent a data center from overheating; these solutions must also be cost-efficient. This has given rise to attention paid to containment solutions, so we wanted to take a look at how to optimize these popular and successful strategies.


To maximize the performance of your containment solution, you should follow airflow manage­ment best practices. These include the following key points to follow:


  • The cabinet should be deployed with air dams and blanking panels at a minimum.
  • Additional components should also be used when deploying containment, such as bottom panels, floor seals, seal kits/angled airflow baffles, front to rear blanking panels and top panel grommets.


Deploying these accessories ensures maximum efficiency by eliminating bypass airflow and recirculation. The accessories also ensure that all of the cold air is going through the equipment and a uniform intake temperature is achieved from the bottom to the top of the cabinet.


The uniform temperature creates a predicable environment for the equip­ment to operate in, helping to prevent over temperature alarms or equipment shut downs for maximum reliability and uptime. These best practices help maximize the CRAC unit set point.


And guess what? All components required to follow best practices are available on the Legrand LX cabinet system!

Mighty Mo® 6 Enhanced Cable Management Redefined

Thursday, March 9, 2017

For years the Mighty Mo 6 product line has been recognized as the industry leader in cable management for small to medium data and distribution applications. Now it has gotten even better. The NEW Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced has been completely redesigned to add even more flexibility to you network physical infrastructure. The Mighty Mo 6 enhanced rack includes new features to improve bonding, grounding, and cable management. Coupled with the all NEW efficient Q Series Vertical Manager, you can now have all the features of the Mighty Mo family of products at a reduced price. This new platform, known as Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced, is set to debut in May of this year where we will talk in more detail about the platform enhancements.

The 22” W Barracuda Equipment Rack is now an OptiCool® - Ready to deploy solution!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Barracuda Equipment cabinets are the ideal foundation to keep pace with continually evolving Broadcast and Cable Headend environments. The Barracuda Equipment Rack provides an adaptable, robust platform to manage ever-changing hardware, power, grounding, isolation, cabling, and thermal issues associated with new technologies.


OptiCool - Ready Barracuda Features:

  • High Capacity – solutions in 45U, 48U and 50U
  • Available depths: 31”, 36” and 40”
  • Available widths: 22”
  • Available in black
  • Fully configurable with accessories installed
  • Extensive cable management options

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