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Legrand Introduces the All New Mighty Mo® 6 Enhanced Cable Management System

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Introducing the all new Mighty Mo 6® Enhanced Cable Management System. We have taken the platform that has been the most successful among all of the Mighty Mo management systems and made it even better. The all new Mighty Mo 6 blends the features and flexibility of the original, and adds increased cable management, easier assembly, and a fresh new look. When combined with the new Q-Series Vertical Manager, the Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced creates a value offering with the functionality of the Mighty Mo.


Discover more by visiting the Might Mo 6 Enhanced page HERE.

Introducing the New Rack System, Q-Series Vertical Cable Management

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Q-Series Vertical Manager is the newest in cable management from Legrand. The Q-Series is versatile, coming in both single and double sided versions. It mounts easily to all standard EIA racks, both 2 and 4 post, as well as the all new Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Racks. Rugged yet lightweight, they are perfect for all building network requirements. Q-Series is the value option in vertical managers, which enables optimal network performance.


The Q-Series Vertical Manager is versatile and adaptable to any building network infrastructure. Discover more HERE.

Dan Gosselin IDs the hidden value of containment – uptime – in CI&M magazine

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

With our recent launch of the Contain-IT™ FLEX aisle containment solution, containment has been top-of-mind for Legrand. On April 12th we announced our new version of containment that is designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers while eliminating many of the shortcomings that are associated with traditional containment solutions.


Fast on the heels of this announcement, our aisle containment expert and the product manager for the new solution – Dan Gosselin – contributed an article to the Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine. Dan used this platform to talk about reliability – i.e., uptime – as one of the hidden values that a containment solution can bring to the end customer.


To read the article, visit the CI&M article here.

Legrand Introduces New Contain-IT™ FLEX Aisle Containment System

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New London, CT, April 11, 2017 – Legrand®, a global leader in high-performance network infrastructure hardware, today introduced Contain-IT FLEX, a new aisle containment system designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers while eliminating many of the shortcomings that are associated with traditional containment solutions.

Read more HERE.

Legrand Data Communications and Fiber Mountain™: A Worthwhile Partnership (for many reasons)

Monday, February 27, 2017

A few months ago, Legrand  announced a partnership with Fiber Mountain, Inc., the Glass Core™ Company and provider of transformative software-defined networking (SDN) managed fiber connectivity for enterprise and colocation data centers.


This partnership allows Legrand to offer the Intelligent Cross Connect, providing our customers with a software-managed fiber connectivity layer with Legrand’s extensive range of fiber cabling and connectivity solutions.


The Intelligent Cross Connect provides a virtual connectivity fabric that enables dynamic layer 1 network switching, which, when used in conjunction with switch and router networks, provides the highest level of network control.


We’re already integrating the Intelligent Cross Connect into our Connected Infrastructure solutions to deliver dynamic and managed fiber connections to complement Legrand’s current data center offerings.


Why software based management? It delivers the ultimate in terms of:

  • Scalability
  • Error-proofing
  • Remote real-time visibility and monitoring
  • Automated network re-configurability
  • Remote network management
  • Optimized power and cooling for switching equipment


We expect these data center infrastructure connectivity offerings to provide significant benefits, including:

  • CAPEX/OPEX savings
  • Reducing or eliminating human errors
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Enhancing asset management


To learn more about the solution discussed in this post, visit http://www.legrand.us/glasscore


Fiber Mountain and Glass Core are trademarks of Fiber Mountain, Inc.