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“Connected Health”: Is Your Healthcare Facility Ready for the Age of IoT?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Owners and operators of healthcare facilities know they must keep on the cutting-edge of technology to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing landscape. How to evolve and lead in technology? Among the leading trends and issues currently defining technology in healthcare delivery is achieving “connected health” through the Internet of Things (IoT).


The age of IoT – which Gartner estimates will involve 6.4 billion connected things by 2017, and 5.5 million new things getting connected every day – enables a radical shift in healthcare delivery. By facilitating improved communication between patients and providers through connected devices, IoT represents a singularly powerful force for change in healthcare delivery.


But reaping the benefits of IoT in the connected health environment requires infrastructure that is flexible and dynamic enough to handle the complexity of the intelligent sensor and device technologies. The entire healthcare industry is poised to join the race to integrate these advance technology systems, and industry leaders are looking for answers.


That’s why we’re so excited for the Legrand Healthcare Technology Summit. Hosted in Nashville, TN in partnership with Superior Essex and Cisco, this event will address the ways healthcare facilities need to evolve and lead in technology.


The speaking roster for this exciting event includes experts who are working at the vanguard of the healthcare technology industry, including:


  • Kevin Kearney, Legrand

Emerging Technologies that Will Change the Future of AV” – exploring the new technologies that will help us make the best quality digital Audio/Video connections.


  • Amir Sekhavat, Superior Essex

Cabling the IoT: How Power-over-Ethernet Supports the Digital Ceiling” – an in-depth look at how cabling technology supports intelligent lighting in the IoT


  • Todd Frederes, Cisco

Cisco’s Digital Ceiling Framework” – discussing the latest trends in intelligent buildings, including creating a Digital Ceiling, connected PoE LED lighting and how best to leverage Cisco's secure network infrastructure to ensure maximum profitability, sustainability and productivity.


By thinking about tomorrow, we’re improving care today!