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Internet of Things and the Real World

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One of the first things critics of the Internet of Things (IoT) will tell you is that the infrastructure for a network of that size simply isn’t available yet. Such skeptics miss the rapid growth that IoT is having in our space and the affect it is already having within that same space. Data centers are expanding, multi-tenant data centers are expanding in regions previously unheard of, and the networking within our buildings are growing more than originally anticipated.


Many people think the Internet of Things is a Minority Report-esque system of interconnected devices, analyzing your internet search history and pupil dilation to send you target ads, or even record your day to day activities while simultaneously streaming and storing them on your mobile devices. This reality isn’t out of the question but it’s not the purpose of the IoT today.

What the IoT boils down to is a network of uniquely identifiable endpoints that contain embedded technology. This technology senses, collects, communicates, and exchanges data locally or with external endpoints independent of human interaction. The recent, rapid advancements in cloud technology have provided an infrastructure for a fully functioning Internet of Things right now. The cloud’s ever-growing size and interoperability has enabled previous discrete devices to communicate with each other over a common network.


Enabling those devices to communicate on the back end is where Legrand falls into play. Legrand manufacturers the supporting infrastructure to a lot of commercial IoT devices, from wireless access points and networked cameras to completely new LED lighting systems powered by category cabling. To learn more about how Legrand plays in this space read our latest IoT white paper or our IoT Application Guide.