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Samsung Launches A New Era In IoT R&D

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When the term “Internet of Things” began to reemerge in the past several years many saw it as simply another buzzword in the industry. The impact of IoT started to be observed in the industrial sector and has just recently, in the past few years, been seen in the consumer space. IoT is no longer a buzzword, it has grown with the maturity of technology and will continue to grow, with greater focus on enhancing security, connectivity, accessibility and performance.


Indeed, with more businesses than ever touting IoT, our ability to innovate and revolutionize intelligent machine to machine (M2M) communication has surpassed what anyone knew was possible.


Of course we’re happy more and more people have become believers, but we’re far more excited about the significant increase in IoT investors that have bought in (literally and figuratively). As the IoT is completely adaptable and scalable to virtually any needs, there are potentially an infinite number of verticals in which this network technology can be employed to drastically improve both cost and time efficiency.


On June 21st, Samsung announced that it would allocate $1.2 billion for IoT research and development, a revelation that we here at Legrand are thrilled about, as earlier this year, we partnered with Samsung to deliver the world’s first thread-enabled IoT light switch, a historic release for both companies.


Legrand’s vision is not simply linked to Samsung, though. As other device manufacturers follow suit, the already numerous ways in which our product can be woven in to everyday life will grow tremendously. A new era of connectivity has just been kicked off! Make sure you don’t miss the movement.


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