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The Internet of Things Will Revolutionize How We Do Business

Monday, July 25, 2016

Big data is hot in the streets, so to speak. Microsoft just spent $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn, for no reason other than to gain access to a massive, accurate, and previously private cache of user-generated data. In a similar vein, companies like Facebook and Amazon now employ as many economic PhD’s as a large U.S. bank -- not to manage their investments, but rather to analyze the data they take in from their users in order to optimize their products. Simply put, as interpersonal interaction continues to shift to digital platforms, so too does the way in which we share and store our information. Right now, the Internet of Things provides users total connectivity with their devices, but thanks to its ability to record data, it could soon provide companies total connection with their customers, too.


According to Howard Brass, a partner and entertainment advisor leader at Ernst and Young, “In an IoT world, media companies will be able to understand what a person is watching, as well as measure how, where, why and with whom consumers are viewing content.” Information collection of this scale is totally unprecedented, but the level of connectivity offered by the Internet of Things is changing the way we view business.


To learn more about how complete connectivity via the IoT can (and will) help you connect to your customers, click the link below.