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Airflow Management – A Network Improvement Well Worth Making

Friday, June 3, 2016

Here’s a good question:

What's one network improvement CIOs are missing out on that they should do right now and why?


As we discussed various network improvements, we kept coming back to one area: airflow management.

Airflow management in a data center is critical because it helps ensure that the active equipment operates efficiently. This significantly reduces the risk of overheating and premature equipment failure – both of which can lead to network downtime. Minimal investments at the rack will reliably deliver improved equipment performance and overall facility operational efficiencies.


What are the best airflow management practices, both within and around the rack? They include the following:

    • blanking panels to block all unused rack units;
    • air dam kits to cover the area between the equipment mounting angles and the sides of the rack, and below and above the rack unit space;
    • grommets that seal around cables that transverse from front-to-rear or in any penetrations from overhead, regardless of where in the cabinet; and under rack seal kits;
    • air flow baffles to redirect side breathing equipment to a front-to-back direction; and
    • floor grommets to seal raised floor openings within the rack footprint.


Just some thoughts on airflow management!