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The Infinite Potential of Intelligent LED Lighting and the Internet of Things

Thursday, June 30, 2016

When you were a kid, you probably took the lighting in your home for granted; hit a switch and it went on, hit that same switch and it went off. As you grew (and started paying your own electrical bill) that same lighting probably carved out a tiny spot near the back of your mind, but never really became something you thought of as more than a simple necessity.


Intelligent LED lighting is changing that, and Legrand is helping to enable the change.


This new type of lighting system is already capable of doing more than any other system before it, enabling it to grow at rates we haven’t seen before. It is no exaggeration to say that intelligent lighting can and will be used for anything and everything sooner rather than later.


With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things, where ordinary devices are becoming networked together to realize new potential, your lighting will not just adjust to personal preference; it will adjust to specific and sometimes singular context in real time.  A great example of this sort of adaptation comes from TechCrunch’s Brian Chemel, who theorizes that our children’s schools will use “biometric sensors [that] will track students’ alertness, subtly shifting spectrum to automatically boost their focus any time it starts to wane.”


Though actual implementation of this sort of technology may be a ways off, Chemel’s idea of what daily life could look like in the near future actually highlights an important trend for users of both the IoT and intelligent lighting: As technology continues to advance, so too does the potential for Intelligent LED Lighting through communication with other devices as a part of the Internet of Things movement.


There are endless possibilities for intelligent LED lighting, and Legrand is on the forefront of this movement with our recent partnership with Cisco and their Digital Ceiling Framework. Regardless of what system you may choose to go with, Legrand can provide the physical infrastructure and connectivity to make that system a reality.