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Industry Insights

Connected Infrastructure: 10 Trends Redefining the Data Center

Monday, May 2, 2016

The data center industry consists of a constantly evolving landscape of products, services, philosophies and designs. Keeping up with these changes, which can easily cause a data center to be “outdated” shortly after its construction, is a constant struggle. You can look to Cisco, Gartner or many others to see the trends they are closely looking at, but we wanted to take a deeper look at trends that are going to directly impact the design of a data center going forward.

We investigated 10 current trends we are seeing impact a data center’s design, ranging the elimination of raised floors to “open source” designs. Each trend also has elements of our “Connected Infrastructure” that are allowing them to gain traction against traditional designs – increased performance, energy efficiency, and space savings are just some of the outcomes these trends are delivering.

We will be examining these top 10 trends over the next few weeks, how they impact data center design, and the elements of Connected Infrastructure they promote:

    • 400V AC Power Distribution
    • Flywheel UPS Systems
    • Elimination of Raised Floors
    • Multi-Tenant Data Centers
    • Micro Data Centers
    • Modular Data Centers
    • Microgrid
    • Open Compute Project
    • Top of Rack Topology
    • “Trend 10”

    Our last trend, “Trend 10,” will be a surprise – will it be Scorpio, now known as the Open Data Center Committee, or something more traditional like an alternative cooling strategy? We will also be looking for your feedback, what you see impacting your own data center or something you just want to learn more about. Suggest a trend and it may become the last trend in this series.