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Integrated Close-Coupled Cooling at Cisco Live 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

At this year’s Cisco Live 2017, we had a number of our partners within our booth demonstrating solutions that have been integrated with Legrand products; and one of our longest-standing technology partners, OptiCool® Technologies, had their rear-door heat exchanger on one of our LX cabinets. The OptiCool Cool Door® is capable of rejecting up to 30 kW per rack (or 20 kW with redundancy), making it perfect for high-density and compute-intensive applications.

The system achieves this massive cooling potential by using a refrigerant pump system to send cold refrigerant to the door on the rear of the cabinet where massive radiators and fans are located. The refrigerant passes through the radiators where it cools down the hot exhaust air from the equipment and exhausts the air out of the cabinet as cool air. The refrigerant is converted into gas form due to the heat and is returned to through a water chiller to return it to a liquid state and sent back through the system.

With OptiCool providing the technology behind this next generation of cooling, Legrand has developed OptiCool-ready cabinets that allow for a more seamless installation of the cool door onto the cabinet. With any other vendor a transition frame would have to be purchased to mount the Cool Door onto the rear of the cabinet. With the Legrand OptiCool-Ready cabinets the transition frame and mounting holes are already pre-installed and ready for installation. This not only cuts down on installation time but also the overall cost of the system.

To learn more about the solution, visit our Close-Coupled Cooling page.