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Intelligent Cross Connect – Managing Layer 1 via Software

Monday, July 10, 2017

You’ve probably heard of software-defined networking before. Actually, I overhead Cisco Live attendees expressing how everything at the show is “software-defined” and they were getting fed up with all the different companies promoting their SDN solutions. I think we might’ve been one of those companies.

At Cisco Live we were demonstrating the capabilities of our new Intelligent Cross Connect (ICC), powered by Fiber Mountain. The ICC features 24-fiber MPO ports for a total of 160 pairs of fiber that are able to be cross connected via a centralized software control system. The key technical piece behind this is the ability for the ICC to convert the optical signals into electrical signals and then back into optical signals. That entire process happens in 5 nanoseconds. That’s the same time it takes for light to travel through a meter of fiber.

With this added management layer to the physical network, new capabilities begin to emerge. The ability to automate cross-connects within a colocation’s meet-me-room and even high density TAP monitoring without signal loss become possibilities.

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