Industry Insights

Lighting up the Future with PoE Lighting and Partners

Monday, July 10, 2017

Last year we unveiled our new booth layout showcasing our solutions from the “White Space to Your Space.” Part of the renovation included a live PoE lighting example as we joined Cisco’s Digital Building (previously Digital Ceiling) ecosystem. The “Your Space” portion of our booth has a make-shift office setting with drop-ceiling and four 2x2 lights that are powered using a Cisco 3850 switch and controlled through Platformatics versatile PoE lighting nodes.

This year, we revamped our booth to showcase our upcoming Vertical Wall Mount Cabinet which is able to vertically mount 19” equipment without protruding into the space as much as traditional wall mounts where the equipment is mounted horizontally. Our solutions span from the wall, through the building with Superior Essex cable, to the end location with our field-term plugs or plenum-rated boxes terminating into the Platformatics controller.

Stay tuned to the Industry Insights blog as we will be talking more about our partnership with Platformatics and the strength of their PoE nodes and software management.