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Pass & Seymour<sup>®</reg> Self-Test GFCI Receptacles

Pass & Seymour® Self-Test GFCIs

New UL Standards

UL has issued major revisions to UL 943, the standard for safety for GFCI that take effect on June 29, 2015.

The 2015 revisions to the UL 943 require improvements in GFCI performance that will provide better protection from serious injury and electrocution from electrical shock. These improvements include:

    1.) Auto-Monitoring or Self-Test function: This function allows for periodic, automatic testing of the ability of the GFCI to respond to a ground fault. If the Self-Test function detects a problem, the GFCI must deny power or provide visual and/or audible indication.

    2.) Reverse line-load misfire function - repeated: If the line cable is wired to the load terminals of a receptacle GFCI, power to the receptacle face will be denied. This requirement applies to the initial installation and any subsequent re-installations.

In order for a GFCI to be certified by UL, it must meet many demanding requirements, such as:

  • Detecting ground fault and interrupting circuit
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Grounding
  • Drop and impact

To maintain UL certification, all manufacturers must meet these revisions with GFCIs produced after June 28, 2015. Legrand's new 1597/2097 Pass & Seymour Self-Test GFCI Receptacles meet these requirements.