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Find these smart, new switches and outlets in the "Premium Innovative Products" section at Lowe's.

Pass & Seymour Surge Protection Outlets — lightning strikes and other power problems can cause electrical surges can damage your electronics. Get the same protection as gangly power strips, while cutting the clutter and adding style.
Pass & Seymour Harmony Dimmer & Fan Speed Control — sets the ambience and the perfect climate for a cozy night in.
Pass & Seymour Recessed Television Box — recess both power and low-voltage connections into the wall, so mounting a high-def TV on the wall is quicker and easier and with no visible connections to spoil the look.
Pass & Seymour Switch Combinations — bring you two, three, or four ergonomic, paddle-style switches in a single, great-looking device.
Pass & Seymour Coaxial Decorator Inserts — single gang Decorator insert with F type coaxial connector for TV and internet.
Pass & Seymour Lighted Decorator Switch — a small LED indicator makes this stylish switch easy to find in the dark.