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Find these smart, new switches and outlets in the "Premium Innovative Products" section at Lowe's.

Pass & Seymour Hallway Nightlight/Outlet — adds a smooth, sealed LED nightlight that turns on and off automatically to a standard outlet. 
Pass & Seymour Hallway Nightlights — feature a cool-to-the touch LED illumination, so they’re much safer than old-fashioned plug-in nightlights. Auto on and off operation for convenience.
Pass & Seymour Lighted Decorator Switch — a small LED indicator makes this stylish switch easy to find in the dark.
Pass & Seymour Switch Combinations — bring you two, three, or four ergonomic, paddle-style switches in a single, great-looking device.
Pass & Seymour Harmony Dimmer — dim the lights during the day and bring them up at nighttime.