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Power Packs and Load Controllers

Presenting the industry's most comprehensive selection of plug load controls and power packs, Wattstopper can help you meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24 energy code requirements.  

Plug Load Controllers should be installed to switch outlets for lighting and non-essential equipment in private offices, open offices, lunch rooms and break rooms and other areas in commercial buildings. They are appropriate for LEED projects and help building owners realize a higher return on investment on energy code-required occupancy sensors.  

Wattstopper also has several power packs and power supplies that fill the needs of a variety of special applications. These products help to make lighting control installations more cost efficient and flexible. 

Wattstopper power packs are the cornerstone of any low voltage lighting control system. They reliably switch high voltage loads in response to low voltage signals – from control devices such as occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, lighting control panels, and switches. Just as no two applications are alike in terms of their lighting control needs, the same is true of power packs. That’s why Wattstopper offers more choices in power pack configurations and models than any other controls manufacturer.  

We recognize that unique applications demand unique solutions. Many applications require conventional switching without any additional specialized functionality. Wattstopper’s standard power packs provide superior reliability in performance teamed with more flexibility in wiring and installation. Specialized Power Packs for applications where control strategies demand greater flexibility and sophistication, Wattstopper developed power packs offering a range of specialized features and functions, including load shedding, Hold-ON and Hold-OFF, and dimming. 

Full-featured dual voltage power packs provide operating voltage to Wattstopper occupancy sensors. Enable special applications in conjunction with lighting control panels or building management systems.  

Download our Wattstopper lighting and plug load controls product guide to learn how to increase savings and enhance the energy efficiency of lighting projects.