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Blogger Shelley from installed the Quad USB Charger, USB Charger with Duplex 15A Tamper-Resistant Outlet, Tamper Resistant Receptacle, and screwless wall plates from the radiant Collection to upgrade her kitchen.

Read more from Shelley below:

Love it or hate it, mobile devices are a huge part of our lives. We have a slew of them at our house. Two cell phones and four iPads come with a lot of cords and charging needs. I felt like our kitchen counter was just one big charging station. Plug a couple in over here, a few more over there, and another one over here. “Sorry honey, you’re going to have to charge yours somewhere else because the coffee pot needs to stay plugged in.” We tried the power strip, but that made me crazy with even more bulky stuff laying on the counter.

I was recently introduced to Legrand Radiant outlets and was so impressed with what they have to offer. We now have streamlined, beautiful outlets that completely fit our needs! Let me share these with you so you can be just as excited about them as I am.

To read more about Shelley's kitchen transformation, read her blog >

Crazy Wonderful Blog Shelley using Quad USB Charger from the radiant Collection

Quad USB Charger from the radiant Collection - Crazy Wonderful Blog

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