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The Smart Lighting System in our House
Blogger Casey from installed radiant Smart Dimmers, Switches, and Plug-Ins to add control to the lighting in her home.

Read more from Casey below:
radiant smart lighting - diyplaybook Blog


We didn’t install just any ol’ dimmer switches. We installed smart switches from Legrand. These are installed in place of a normal wall switch and they connect through your wifi network. You can then control the lights directly from the Legrand Smart Lights app on your phone.


Nina Hendrick Blog


You can create scenes so your lights automatically go off, on, or dim at certain times of the day. We have a “Good Morning” scene set for 6 am where all of the lights downstairs automatically turn on to about 50%. That way when I come down for breakfast and coffee, I don’t have to walk around and turn all of the lights off. We also have an “Evening Mood” scene where the overheads dim down in the living room and our lamps turn on.

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