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Wireless Charger? Yes, Please!

Blogger Victoria from installed two radiant Wireless Chargers in her home to easily charge her cell phone and tablet.

Read more from Victoria below:

There’s a new wireless charger out and it’s been changing the way things look around here. Legrand has created a new radiant Wireless Charger and you barely know it’s there. It’s so incognito when it’s doing its job of charging your smartphone — and even when it’s not.

I have the radiant Wireless Charger installed in both my living area (perfect for playing music to my wireless speakers without running out of battery charge) and in my office as well where i really use my phone a lot, and can charge it wirelessly and so conveniently. 

Sf Girl Blog radiant Wireless Charger

Sf Girl Blog radiant Wireless Charger

Read more on Victoria's blog >

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