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Basic Music Solution


This affordable solution distributes crystal-clear sound through two rooms and includes a flush-mount single source input to provide high-quality audio without all the wires.

Featured Product

lyriQ™ Amplified Keypad, White


  • High quality stereo music in two rooms
  • Add up to six more rooms
  • Individual volume controls in each room
  • Easy operation
  • Built-in evōQ™ 3000 Series high efficiency speakers


Room Add-on

Distribute music to four more rooms.

Add Outdoor Speakers

Add one pair of evōQ™ 3000 Outdoor Speakers.

Add Infrared Control

Control the volume from any volume control location using the On-Q Universal Remote Control.

Bill of Materials

AU7394-WH 2 lyriQ™ Amplified Keypad, White
AU1004-BK 1 lyriQ™ Flush Mount Single Source Input
AU7396 1 lyriQ™ Single Source, Four Zone Distribution Module
MS3650 2 3000 Series 6.5" Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
364672-02 2 6.5" In-Ceiling Pre-Construction Speaker Bracket (pair)
PW1060 1 24VDC 60W Power Supply
WP1205-WH 3 1-Gang Decorator Wall Plate


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