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Legrand Solutions for Pros

Solutions for Pros

Your go-to guide for complete BOMs, wiring diagrams & technical installation instructions for professional installers.

Solutions for Pros 

HIGH PERFORMANCE Amp up the Unity Home System with four rooms of audio, a full Selective Call Intercom System, four cameras, and two viewing options. 

This Unity Home System provides four rooms of audio, a full Selective Call Intercom System, two cameras, lighting control and two versatile viewing options.

Expand the Basic Unity Home System to include lighting controls and one source of music in three rooms. 

BASIC Help your homeowners experience truly integrated home systems with the Basic Unity Home System.

Solutions for Pros

ULTIMATE This selective call intercom system includes a front video door intercom and a wall-mounted LCD display for enhanced safety and security.

Simplify communication for your homeowners with this four-room and front door selective call intercom solution.

Give your cost-conscious homeowners the ultimate in convenience and affordability with this attractive broadcast intercom system.

Know when your friends and family have arrived with an intercom solution that includes a Video Door Unit and a Selective Call Module.

Solutions for Pros

ULTIMATE Combine wireless with hardwired connections with our versatile Ultimate Hybrid Internet Solution.

Enjoy the freedom of wireless internet access - even outdoors - with the On-Q Wireless Access Point (WAP).

BASIC Securely access the internet in three locations in your home and share gaming, files, music, printers and more with our Basic Wired Internet Solution.

Solutions for Pros

ULTIMATE Experience unprecedented flexibility in whole house music with the On-Q Ultimate Music Solution.

Listening to music has never been this easy or this much fun Let your kids go wild with hip-hop in their bedrooms while you relax with Sinatra in the den.

BASIC High-quality distributed music from a home entertainment center can be enjoyed in two different rooms with the On-Q Basic Music Solution.

Solutions for Pros

ULTIMATE Experience the ultimate in audio excitement as the lifelike, dramatic sounds of music and movies totally surround you with our top-of-the-line 7.1 Home Theater Solution.

PREMIUM Surround yourself with riveting movie sound and musical performances with the 5.1 Home Theater Solution.

BASIC Enjoy realistic high-quality sound and music the way it was meant to be heard with the affordable, high-performance 5.1 Home Theater Solution.

camera solutions

ULTIMATE This solution offers the ultimate in flexibility and security by including three cameras in the Studio style and an infrared bullet camera. 

PREMIUM Two color cameras in the new Studio style paired with a convenient LCD display to view cameras, make this a premium option for home security. 

BASIC This solution lets homeowners install a camera wherever they need one, whether it's the front door or the nursery.

Solutions for Pros

BASIC The Basic Lighting solutions is the perfect entry level lighting control package.

THEATER The RFLC Home Theater Lighting Solution will make your house the life of the party!

SAFETY The Safety Lighting Solution allows a repeater to learn the lighting schedule in the home and repeat it when homeowners are away.