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adorne® & radiant® Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery USB Outlets

Charge devices up to 2X faster

Combining the industry-leading amperage of our Ultra-Fast line with advanced Power Delivery, this built-in charging solution includes two future-proof USB type-C ports and safely maximizes the fast-charging potential of the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops. Engineered for intelligent charging and equipped with multilayered overcurrent protection, the outlets deliver the precise amount of power needed to increase speed without the risk of damage. Featured indicator lights also make it easy to check the device’s battery status at a glance – the LED glows yellow while charging is in progress, and switches to green once the device is sufficiently charged. 

Make the switch to cutting-edge speed and convenience, all with a touch of designer style, with the adorne and radiant Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery USB Outlets. 


What is Power Delivery?

More than Fast: Maximized Convenience and Protection 

Check charging status at a glance.

A convenient indicator light for each of the outlet’s USB Type-C ports illuminates yellow while charging is in progress, then changes to glow green once the connected device is sufficiently charged – a quicker, easier way to see when your phone is good to go.

Protect your personal devices.

No fried phones here. Engineered with multi-layered overcurrent protection, the Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery USB Outlets safely maximize speeds, adjusting to the specific power needs and limits of each connected device.

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