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More Power
4 easy steps for adding power outlets to your home - no electrician needed
Category: Add Power and Outlets | Skill Level: Easy | Description: Bring power and outlets where you need them at home

Parts Checklist

Plugmold Multi-Outlet Strips, PM

Kit includes:
Cord-ended power strip
Wall Screws
Mounting brackets

Tools You'll Need

Tape Measure
Phillips head screwdriver
Chalk line

Step-By-Step Instructions


Pick Plugmold location

Be sure the proposed location for the Plugmold is close enough to an existing outlet for the cord to reach. Locate and line up where to install the mounting clips. For best results, snap a chalkline or draw a guide line.


Install mounting clips

Important - if the flat head screws provided are not used, the substitute fasteners must also be of the flat head type, or the unit will not sit properly in the mounting clips.


Secure the Plugmold

Snap the Plugmold Multi-Outlet strip into the mounting clips.


Finish your installation

Plug the cordset into an existing outlet.