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Your Hotel’s Most Fantastic Finishing Touch
Whether it’s a long business trip, or a relaxing vacation, everyone deserves a hotel that provides convenience and relaxation for the duration of the stay. But how can you make sure hotel guests are provided with everything they deserve? These nine “finishing touches” are just a few ideas of what someone might consider when choosing — or reviewing — their next hotel.

Is the WiFi fast?

It’s the year 2017. The days of slow dial up internet and loading screens are long, long behind us. And network cables aren’t far behind in becoming obsolete. Even for retreats deep into the woods or far out into the country, travelers still expect top-notch, high-speed, wireless connectivity.

Luxul Wireless networking solutions deliver powerful, connected infrastructure with superior customer support. The ease of installation and low maintenance make it an ideal fit for hotels.

Can the TV accept HDMI input?

This would be the standard for all modern TVs these days, right? Guess again. Some hotels still lag behind the times, with old televisions or choosing to lock down the ability to access HDMI ports. This becomes a nuisance when guests want to connect a computer or an HDMI compatible streaming device to the big screen. With flat screen TVs becoming more affordable, and travel sized HDMI cables and entertainment devices becoming more common, it is by no means unreasonable for guests to expect hotels to have HDMI compatible TV systems.

Outlets That Go Above and Beyond

Every hotel has power outlets, but do they come with USB capabilities? After all, cellphones, tablets, e-readers and other chargeable devices have been a part of everyday life for some time. Why shouldn’t our everyday outlets comply with them?

The adorne collection offers USB outlets that plug into the wall allowing you to skip clunky cable connectors.

Outlet Locations

Speaking of outlets, fighting for outlet space can be a real drag – especially if the placement is wrong and guests are dragging laptop cables across the room. In the age of laptops, phones and tablets it’s important that hotels provide plenty of outlets to go around.


It’s great when a hotel has a nice pool or bar to socialize during the day, but the same bar and pool shouldn’t be a bother when trying to sleep. Hotels with the proper acoustics ensure that when doors close, and the lights are off, a quiet and peaceful night is a guarantee.

Proper Shading

While we’re talking about getting a solid night of sleep, nothing can be more detrimental to slumber than bright and powerful sunlight sneaking through the gaps in the shades early in the morning.

Imagine if a hotel room let the shading be set from the bedside, from across the room, or right at the shade. QMotion Advanced Shading Systems, allow for manual and automated control of artificial and natural light. That means guests decide how long a room stays dark in the morning.

Adaptable Lighting

Ever need just a little bit of light? Maybe to dim the lights down and prepare for bed, or to set the mood in the room to something other than fully illuminated lamps, or maybe to get a less harsh light in the bathroom? Dimmer-switch lighting controls provide the ability to manually adjust how much light is added to a room. These solutions create ideal hotel lighting systems, many of which are available in the adorne collection.

Lighting That Works the Entire Space

A truly great hotel room should have more than standard corner lamps. Advanced lighting systems provide innovative modern solutions such as Pinnacle Lighting, soft lighting, human centric lighting and circadian rhythms. Allow the lighting in your hotel room to go above and beyond helping people see.


This one may be a no brainer, but you never truly know how much time guests may end up spending in your hotel. If plans get cancelled and they end up spending the day in their hotel room, appliances such as a moderate sized fridge can go a long way. There’s also nothing better than having access to a coffee maker or electric kettle first thing in the morning.

As you can see, the little things matter. And while these are a few of the finishing touches that might not be demanded when first booking a hotel room, it’s the stuff that helps set a hotel apart from the competition in terms of reviews and return business. From appliances, to lighting, to shading to upgrading modern technology, if a hotel room meets these expectations, then people know they’ve found a great place to stay.