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Now You’re Cooking!
Tasty Ways to Make an Old Kitchen Sizzle with New Tech

Set the Mood with Style

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen instantly with clean, contemporary lighting switches, dimmers and wall plates, and make a smooth transition from production cooking to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Cool Tools Need Power

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Let’s face it, Grandma’s advice on mushroom risotto is priceless. Her thoughts on power management, not so much. Today’s kitchen needs convenient, easy-to-access power for appliances and gadgets that Grandma never thought of.

Where Would We Be, Without USB?

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Smartphones, tablets and gadgets abound in the kitchen, and they all need to be charged. Don’t let your favorite cooking video fade away. Plan for ample USB wall plates and outlets.

Safety First, Then Pass the Salt

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

In kitchens, messy is good. It shows passion. But liquids and power don’t mix. Self-testing GFCI receptacles and convenient nightlights in the kitchen will help keep you and your appliances safe from any unplanned jolts of inspiration.

Extra Help is Always Welcome

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Got your hands full dredging chicken in buttermilk and dry batter mix, and afraid you forgot something (it’s always the paprika)? Just ask Alexa to read you the ingredients list, or play some music, or turn on some lights. Hands-free connectivity is so cool and useful.

Modern Upgrade to an Old Favorite

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker is WeMo® enabled and works with your smart device to let you conveniently adjust cook settings... from virtually anywhere. Go ahead... keep on shopping, working or playing for as long as you want! Dinner will be ready whenever you arrive home.

Connected On a Scale of 1 to 10 - it’s a 10!

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Send wireless measurements from the SmartConnect Kitchen Scale to the Escali SmartConnect app on your Apple or Android mobile device for detailed nutrition analysis, to create a food journal or simply measure in cups and tablespoons.

Smart, Wireless, Connected Kitchen Thermometer

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Don’t under or over cook ever again. This thermometer connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device to monitor the internal cooking temperature of meats and other dishes.

Under-Cabinet Features are “Out of Sight!”

Living Spaces Kitchen Technology 

Prep like a pro by keeping your switches, dimmers and outlets conveniently within reach, but nicely out of view and away from the splash zone.

The Power of Home Automation

 Home Intelligence Solutions 

Monitoring security and optimizing the HVAC system is no fun, let your house do the basics while you prepare your signature dish!

No More Messy Entanglements


Keep your kitchen neat, clean and organized. Proper cable management looks great and keeps appliance cords and cables clean and safe.