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A Focus on Fabric: SheerWeave by Phifer

Different types of shading fabric


From fabric to system automation, shades can be so much more than a barrier between light and dark. They shouldn’t hinder daylight, they should seize it. In short, we should expect more from such a critical aspect of our space’s interior health.

For many customers of Legrand, a better shade starts with a smarter fabric. The right material becomes a dynamic component to a building’s energy goals, its inhabitants’ health, and how an entire commercial tenant roster interacts with light—and that’s when designers turn to SheerWeave ® by Phifer.

Legrand has long sought partnerships that complement our reputation for transforming spaces where people live and work. Phifer’s SheerWeave is the result of a careful, ongoing study into how sunlight impacts day-to-day productivity and a company-wide mantra to encourage Earth-conscious manufacturing.

Strike A Balance

Stylish and functional, SheerWeave has a wide array of applications, many of which overlap with projects aimed at reducing energy commitments and encouraging healthy indoor lifestyles. SheerWeave 4000, 4100, and 4400 were developed to integrate a revolutionary durability coating from DOW, the greenhouse gas-reducing Ecolibrium.

Allowing light openness of 3%, 5%, or 10%, the SheerWeave 4000 line blends the long-term toughness of a unique vinylcoated polyester with a planet-friendly manufacturing process that is 40% less greenhouse gas-intensive than typical PVC coating compounds. The phthalate- and lead-free RoHS compliant Ecolibrium is totally renewable and suitable for exterior applications, as well.

With DOW’s formidable expertise augmenting Phifer’s innovations, Legrand customers integrating SheerWeave can be confident they’re aligning with a conglomerate of vendors dedicated to bettering much more than the commercial workspace.

Certified Sustainable

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is a non-profit entity working world-wide to improve the safety, health, and sustainability of our economy’s far reaching consumer product industry. Through its strict product certification standard, the organization is making real change in how large companies approach the creation of goods.

One such product that has earned the Bronze level of this coveted mark of environmental excellence is Phifer’s SheerWeave 8000, a PVC-free, 3% average openness shade fabric developed for the most committed eco-conscious space designers.

Lightweight and 100% recyclable, SheerWeave 8000 is also Greenguard Gold certified for its low level of chemical emissions throughout its lifespan of use.

Always Health Conscious

Started in 1984, Microban is recognized around the globe for evolving the role of antimicrobial technology in places where people live and work.

Its line of products, which includes odor control additives, is often found in hospital and healthcare facilities around the world— and yes, even in SheerWeave.

Applied to eliminate the risk of mildew, mold, and bacteria in patient care rooms, lobbies, and any room designed to sustain occupant health, Microbahn treatments are integrated into the shade’s fabric at the thread level to ensure manufacturing efficiency and room health for the entire shade system’s lifespan.

Forever In Control

SheerWeave’s Infinity2 fabric was conceptualized to be used forever, in that its full basketweave construction is 100% recyclable and PVC-free. Nothing about this sun-controlling, heat-beating fabric is onetime use, ensuring that when one install is finally ready to be shuttered, it will one day be back to seize the daylight.

Its average openness ranges from 1% to 5%, and its range of style choices make eco-friendly light control look great. Like other sustainable versions of the SheerWeave line, Infinity2 is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.

Legrand is proud to work alongside Phifer (and its trusted partners) in celebrating their eco-friendly light-control fabrics. Each one has its place, and every project’s environmental goals are different.

Our overall success in making indoor light a proactive part of our customers’ life and business goals would not be what it is without Phifer’s inventive, sustainable approach to fabric. Seizing the daylight is a team effort.

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