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Must Have Products to Save You Money in 2018
Cut Down Costs for Your Business

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to consider resolutions for your business to cut back on costs for 2018. With technological advancements in industries such as lighting, solar, HVAC and everyday office appliances, there are quite a few solutions guaranteed to help cut back on costs in the near future. Here are the must have products to save you money in 2018.


Connected Lighting:

Help save money with the power of connected lighting. Wattstopper by Legrand offers a comprehensive line of products designed to connect lighting controls throughout the building. Wattstopper products help businesses save money through energy management by meeting green initiatives and complying with energy codes.


Replace Appliances:

Speaking of energy management, have you taken a look at the costly appliances that are dramatically raising your workplace energy bill? Workplace appliances such as refrigerators and TV monitors are huge perpetrators when it comes to increasing your building’s energy usage. Replace your old fridge with a new Energy Star certified refrigerator and save more than $270 over the next five years. While you’re at it, look into replacing your old TV with a Samsung LED TV for the “Most Efficient Television of 2017” according to Energy Star.


Solar Power:

By using energy from the sun, solar powered technology helps significantly cut back on your utility bill. This can come in many different forms, from solar chargers to wireless solar keyboards. If you are looking to really cut down on your utility bill, consider installing solar panels on your building to tap directly into the power grid and harness the power of natural and renewable energy.


LED Lightbulbs:

Another great area to cut back on costs is with LED lighting. LED lights have an average lifespan of over 20 years and are extremely cost effective. By replacing your standard bulbs with LED lightbulbs, such as Philips offerings, you can use up to 90 percent less energy. Beyond saving energy, these lightbulbs are mercury free, making them easy to recycle and replace. 


Occupancy Sensors:

While we’re on the topic of lighting, another way to save money on your electricity bill is to install occupancy sensors, which have the capability to monitor activity in your office, and adjust the lighting through on/off and dimming. This adheres to code and saves you money by reducing energy consumption. Wattstopper by Legrand has a full collection of sensors to choose from. 


Programmable Thermostats:

Don’t let your office waste money on heating and air conditioning when no one’s around.  By installing a programmable thermostat, you can regulate a set schedule so your office temperature rises while the office is occupied and goes down when everyone goes home for the evening.


HVAC Upgrade:

If your office is using an HVAC system that is 10-years-old or more, it may be time for an upgrade. When an HVAC system ages, it not only uses too much energy, but also tends to need constant repair which will be very costly for your business. By replacing an old, inefficient system with an Energy Star-rated model you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bill.