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We've continued to set new standards for performance, sustainability and value to specifiers.

At Legrand, we believe every space has the power to provide delightful experiences that are intuitive and gratifying. Join us as we transform spaces through the delivery of power, light and data. We're here to share our expertise around topics of interest to make your job easier and keep you informed on the latest trends.
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Stay on top of the industry's latest, cutting-edge ideas.

5 reasons you should care about USB Type-C

That flat USB connector you’ve been using for so long? It’s got a new counterpart. You might have already heard of it: USB Type-C.

Ugh, Why does my phone charge so slowly? Learn how charging speeds work and why it matters.

USB charging ports have amperages that impact how quickly they can charge devices. Learn what you need to know.

5 old habits for office power and charging that need to go

These old habits for office power and charging can destroy a productive space. 

Collaboration Guide: Shifting the Way we Work

Businesses are looking to promote innovation through collaboration. What does “collaborative” mean and how is it driving change in space and technology?

4 Ways Outdoor Power Enhances a Space

Leveraging overlooked outdoor spaces can inspire tenants, guests and employees.



Everything you need to know about the regulations you rely upon.

NEC Code Changes Related to Electrical Wiring Devices

The guide summarizes changes to the 2017 NEC in a concise format.

3 Ways to Cut Plug Loads

Explore three solutions for plug load control that comply with ASHRAE 90.1.

10 Things You Need to Know about Plug Load Control

Explore the top ten things to know about plug load control for commercial buildings.

Plug Load Control - Reducing Energy Use and Addressing Code Changes

Learn more about the energy savings of plug load control and how to get started with a code compliant approach.

2017 NEC Meeting Room Changes
Here's what you need to know about the changes and their impact on meeting room design.
ASHRAE, Title 24 & IECC Quick Guides

Each code and each version of the code have nuanced requirements. We'll explain them.



AV & Technology
Prep and plan for well-equipped, future-ready spaces.

4 critical design & tech pitfalls in meeting rooms

Here are 4 critical design pitfalls - and how to avoid them!

integration guide to active learning spaces in higher education

New learning methods based on student engagement requires learning spaces that meet these demands.

new workspace solutions can increase ergonomics

Modern workspaces are constantly changing, requiring furniture solutions that keep up with the times.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Simply Defined: Internet of Things Application Guide

Smart devices enable a new type of infrastructure, an intelligent network built on the Internet of Things.


Design tips for thoughtful, stunning and sustainable environments.

Collaboration is the key to Better BIM Models

Success with BIM requires collaboration throughout an entire project.

Legrand helps you with LEED certification

Legrand's LEED Product Guide showcases the totality of our offering to support your new construction project.

How to plan a huddle room

This guide helps you plan an in-demand huddle space, and explores the trend, its benefits and new technologies you can use. 

The Millennial Huddle Space Connection

As millennials continue to grow in the corporate workforce, it’s important to consider their impact on workplace design.