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A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
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Create Remarkable Education Spaces with Lighting Controls

Scalable, efficient and smart lighting controls from Wattstopper

Whether it’s for a single classroom or an entire campus, our lighting control solutions can create an engaging and personalized experience for students, professors and school administrators. Campus facilities will appreciate that our lighting controls are code compliant out-of-the-box and easily integrate into new or existing buildings.

Optimize your Campus Lighting Design with Wattstopper Lighting Controls

Classroom Lighting Solutions


Upgrade the lighting in your classrooms by using lighting controls to easily dim the lights to the perfect level for videos, presentations, quizzes or reading. Use Wattstopper’s color tuning solution to control the color temperature of lights in your classroom to enhance mood, promote productivity and spark creativity.

Dining Hall Solutions

Dining Hall

Take your dining hall lighting design to the next level and provide students with a quality dining experience that stimulates conversation and enhances the appearance of food. Integrate our tunable white lighting solution to replicate natural light or to set a certain mood based on the time of day.

Common Area Solutions

Common Area

Create a positive and comfortable space with our lighting controls in any area where students socialize, study and relax. With our tunable white lighting solution, program the lights to be a warm color temperature in the evening to create a calm environment for studying, or program the lights to be cooler during the day to increase energy levels.

Library Solutions


Enhance your library lighting design with dimming and color tuning to create a student-centric study space that is welcoming and productive. Lights can be pre-programmed based on the time of day to dim in specific areas so students enjoy the perfect light level for reading. Set the color temperature to the optimal level for visual comfort and acuity, creating the perfect space for students to focus on their most important tasks.

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HCL Solutions

Human Centric Lighting

Adjust the color temperature with our tunable white lighting solution to enhance visual comfort with warmer or cooler light tones.

Commercial Shading

Commercial Shading

Add Solarfective shades to your campus and realize the benefits of controlled daylight and reduced heat gain in educational spaces.