News: Legrand acquires Milestone AV Technologies
Leading designer/manufacturer of branded AV products for the consumer and commercial AV markets.

Legrand helps make the workplace better by designing new commercial products and systems that answer the unique needs of different business sectors and applications.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Reliable EV charging solutions from an electrical innovator you can trust. Check out our new line of Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment.

Overfloor Raceway

This easy-to-install raceway sits on top of the floor, accommodating your open space needs.

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Physical Support Products

New Ortronics physical support products expand upon Standard EIA line. Features new wall mount racks, brackets, horizontal cable managers and tubular runways.

The best choice for maintaining optimal standards in network reliability for fiber optic and high performance copper cabling systems.

Fiber Trough

Fiber Trough is designed to maximize network reliability and minimize lifecyle costs. To achieve this, it utilizes high-strength steel components to provide the strength and durability required to manage fiber cabling in the most demanding data center environments.

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The evolution of aesthetics.

RFB4E Series Floor Boxes

Wiremold RFB4E Series Floor Boxes are the latest additions to the Resource RFB Series of Floor Boxes. RFB4E Series Floor Boxes are four-compartment, recessed, concrete floor boxes that utilize the 6" Evolution Series Poke-Thru Covers. This offers designers and architects more options for matching aesthetics within a space, whether it is in on-grade level or above-grade applications.

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Sensor technology that makes energy savings automatic.

PlugTail Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Switch Sensor

Our new Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Switch Sensor conserves energy by sensing when light is needed and when it is not — and responding accordingly. When people enter the room the PIR technology senses their presence and turns the lights on automatically, then shuts them off again when it “knows” they leave. Timing of the shut-off can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on a user-defined preset, giving you a highly efficient and intuitive way to manage energy.

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An economical, configurable storage solution.

Mighty Mo GX Cabinet Series
Mighty Mo GX leverages the best practices of infrastructure design, providing the proper support and protection needed for network equipment. It is fully modular and configurable to suit the needs of your specific installation. When it’s not necessary to customize your cabinet, two pre-configured cabinets options are available for immediate shipment.
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Now one floor box works everywhere - and changes everything.

Evolution Series Floor Box

Until now, the idea that a single floor box could be used across multiple floor constructions was inconceivable. With the introduction of the Evolution Series Floor Box, the time has come to change the way we think and work.

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