Angling for a New Look

Angling for a new look.

Learn how the head office of Air Miles, Toronto's largest coalition loyalty program, utilized AnySize Raceway to provide power and data in open spaces. 

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  • Background

    Conventional wisdom holds that vertical poles are a convenient, if not stylish, method of providing power and/or data services in open spaces. But this utilitarian type of raceway became a striking design element in the Toronto head office of Air Miles, Canada’s largest coalition loyalty program.

    The Solution

    The design team decided to use poles to provide power and datacom services to open plan workspaces. Instead of running vertically from floor to ceiling, these poles would be installed at an angle that forms a crisscross pattern.

    Legrand/Wiremold provided customized AnySize™ Raceway in the required lengths. Because poles are normally installed vertically, Legrand/Wiremold also designed and fabricated custom extensions and brackets to attach the poles at the top and allow wires and cables to feed from solid-bottom cable tray into the poles. Special brackets were also required where the poles cross. A custom foot was also designed to mount the poles to the floor. Poles were also custom painted to match the color of the carpet.

    The angled position of the poles serves to define various areas of the space with a look that is both dramatic and open.