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Wall-Mounted Box Gives Teachers Easy Access to Overhead Projectors

Wall-Mounted Box Gives Teachers Easy Access to Overhead Projectors

Using Wiremold WallSource Multiservice Boxes to install overhead LCD projectors in schools

The Challenge

The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida, has a program to install overhead LCD projectors in all classrooms in new schools and as part of a comprehensive technology upgrade of all older schools. But meeting this need requires more than buying and mounting projectors. With teachers accessing a variety of media from their computers, as well as external sources, such as the Internet, servers, and television, "we realized we needed to provide access to all the cabling right at the teacher's desk, and to make it clean, neat, and flexible," says Ron Levinson, an engineer with West Palm Beach-based JLRD, Inc., a professional consulting engineering firm.

The Solution

JLRD developed a standard that provides for a media cabinet in each classroom. But instead of making connections directly to this cabinet, the plan specifies a WallSource™ Series Multiple Service Box from Legrand/Wiremold at or near each teacher's desk. The four-gang WallSource Box provides multiple service access at a single location, eliminating the need for single-gang boxes. "The WallSource box is nice looking and large enough to handle all the requirements," notes Levinson.

In each classroom, a WallSource Series Multiple Service Box houses connections for data, audio, and CAT 5E and 15-pin VGA cable associated with the overhead projector. A 45-degree adapter for the VGA connection provides an extra measure of protection against accidental damage. A fourth gang within the box is left blank for future technology expansion. The box accepts 1½-inch conduit, which is large enough to accommodate pre-terminated VGA cables.

In classrooms with moveable desks, the WallSource Series Multiple Service Box was installed in the wall near the desk. Where desks are in a permanent location or at laboratory demonstration tables, the box is installed in the furniture itself. In either case, the proximity of the box to the teacher's station eliminates the need to run cables across the wall or the floor back to the media cabinet. "It's one of the most effective arrangements that we can put at a teacher's location and still have full flexibility without unsightly wires hanging off the wall," says Levinson.