802.11n In-Wall/Ceiling Wireless Access Point


On-Q® 802.11n In-Wall/Ceiling Wireless Access Point


This 802.11n indoor access point installs elegantly into the ceiling or wall to distribute a fast, reliable WiFi signal throughout the home.

Install the access point in a central location of the home to maximize coverage.

View specifications for details.
RoHS Compliant
Home Networking by Legrand

features & benefits

  • Delivers speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Ships with ceiling and wall covers, installation instructions, and user guide
  • Backwards compatible with the 802.11b/g standards (11Mbps/54Mbps)
  • DA1101 units shipped in September 2012 (manufactured date code of 3512) and later have both Midspan PoE support and PoE switch compatibility (802.11af/at)
  • Download the most recent firmware update here


General Info

  • Cable Type: Cat 5
  • Color: White
  • Type: Wireless Access Point
  • Input Plug Type: RJ45 Male Data/Power

Assembly/Installation Information

  • Installation Tips:
    Solid GreenPower Present
    Blinking GreenEthernet Active
    BluePower Ok
    Solid OrangeInitializing
    Blinking OrangeSignal Survey
    WiFi link(Green/Red)
    Solid GreenConnected
    Blinking GreenStreaming in Session
    RedNo WiFi Signal
    Reset Switch: 
    Press & Hold for 10 seconds to restore factory default settings

  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Construction Information

  • Installation Location: In-Wall or In-Ceiling


  • Height Metric: 4 cm
  • Height (U S): 1.5"
  • Length (U S): 7.65"
  • Length Metric: 19.4 cm
  • Width Metric: 19.4 cm
  • Width (U S): 7.65 in

Eco Information

  • RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Compliant

Listing Agencies/Third Party Information

  • UN SPS C: 43223108

Cord Information

  • Pinning:
    Pin 148V Ground
    Pin 2+48Vdc
    Pin 3+48Vdc
    Pin 448V Ground
    Pin 55V Ground
    Pin 6+5Vdc
    Pin 7+5Vdc
    Pin 85V Ground

Technical Information

  • Efficiency:
    -100Mbps RF Link Rate at 50M indoor minimum (obstructed, USA type construction)
    -300 Mbps RF Link Rate at 100M outdoor minimum (unobstructed)
    - Nominal Range - 3200 square foot
    Receive Sensitivity:
    -84dBm @ 11Mbps
    -81dBm @ 18Mbps
    -68dBm @ 54Mbps
    -68dBm @ 300Mbps
    -Transmit Power: Adjustable through AP Configuration S/W
    - Maximum RF power to be compliant with the 802.11 n standards

  • External Power Input: POE
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Mounting: Wall: Single-Gang. Ceiling: Triple-Gang
  • Operating Temperature Celsius: 0˚ to 55˚ C
  • Operating Temperature Fahrenheit: 32°F to 131°F
  • Output And Line Out Connection:
    8 pin Shielded Ethernet Mod Jack
    Pin Out per 802.3af (802.3 at type 1 - Midspan Support Only)
    Mini Barrel Jack Connector (DC Power Input)
    1.5mm (center contact pin)
    Center pin positive

  • Power Requirements: 5Vdc @ 500mA maximum/48Vdc POE module
  • Product Fits Into: Single or Triple Gang Electrical Box
  • Number of Receptacles: 8
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