Pathway Cable Guide, 4" wide, yellow


Ortronics® Pathway Cable Guide, 4" wide, yellow


Legrand Pathway Cable Guides are designed to properly manage cables exiting from all four styles of Legrand data communication style pathways. Used alone the “Pathway Cable Guide” mounts over the side wall of 4” high Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway, Cablofil Cable Tray, Cablofil Steel Trough or the side stringers on Legrand Runway. It provides proper bend relief and control for cables running in the pathway as well as those exiting over the guide. When used with the 4” x 4” duct adapter or purchased as a pre-configured Mighty Mo Fiber Raceway Cable Guide Kit the exit path connects to all 4” x 4” Fiber Raceway fittings providing a protected path for critical network cabling.

View specifications for details.
RoHS Compliant

features & benefits

• Advanced “Goal Post” design: Provides cable protection in any direction.
• Universal sidewall mounting: No cutting of pathway required for installation.
• Pathway neutral: One product fits four Legrand pathways.
• Optional 4” x 4” raceway adapter bracket: Attaches any 4” x 4” fiber raceway fitting to the guide exit.
• Cable guide available alone or in a kit: Reduce cost and simplify ordering.


General Info

  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Pathway Cable Guide

Construction Information

  • Component: Cable Guide
  • Material: Noryl


  • Depth (U S): 2"
  • Height (U S): 7.38"
  • Width (U S): 8.25"
  • Height: 7.38"

Eco Information

  • RoHS Conformant: Yes
RoHS Compliant

Listing Agencies/Third Party Information

  • UL Listing No: UL 94V-0
  • UL Standard: Yes
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