Ortronics EZ Patch

The Ortronics EZ Patch is a patch cord dispensing solution that makes your time on the jobsite more productive.

EZ Patch installation made EZ!

Our revolutionary patch cord dispensing solution.

EZ Patch is not just another box. Consider it an innovative, environmentally friendly way to dispense and manage patch cords for a quick and easy installation. Engineered to save time, expense and a whole lot of frustration, EZ Patch is unlike anything the industry has ever seen! There are no bags to open, tie wraps to undo or straightening necessary; the cords dispense one after another, ready to install.

Download the EZ Patch Data Sheet

EZ Patch Data Sheet

Download the data sheet for more information on EZ Patch and to see the various size and color options. Ready to purchase? Visit our Where to Buy locator.
EZ Patch contains our Clarity patch cords and is offered in Category 6a, 6 and 5e in a variety of standard lengths and colors.


View all EZ Patch products here.



Ortronics is dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into our business processes while helping our customers do the same. Learn more.
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