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Finally a raceway with an innovative profile, greater capacity, and installation-friendly features.

With an innovative profile, greater capacity, and installation-friendly features, the Wiremold DS4000 Designer Series raceway helps you do what you do better. Unique downward facing activations deliver a streamlined profile in new designer colors to complement any décor. With one-third more wiring capacity than traditional profiles, it’s the ideal raceway for your newer and larger capacity applications. And it’s easier to install with features that offer flexibility as well as functionality, saving time and labor. The Wiremold DS4000 raceway. Everything you want in a raceway. And you want it all.

Features & Benefits

Streamlined Profile

A two channel cover system neatly separates power and data services.

Downward Facing Activations

Power and data activations from the underside of the raceway. Downward orientation is unobtrusive to your space, providing a sleek, contemporary appearance. Optional.

New Designer Palette

With more color to choose from, its easier to integrate the raceway into your design.

Prewired Convenience

Available prewired at the factory, the 4000 Designer Series raceway can be delivered to your jobsite, saving time and labor.

Dual Covers

A two channel cover system neatly separates power and data services.

Modular Base

Pre-scored base, unique Adjust-to-fit couplings, and the integrated divider makes installation easier and quicker.

Obstacle Avoidance Fittings

No more barriers to installation. Bypass small obstacles, such as pre-existing conduit, as well as small offsets on the supporting wall.

Increased Capacity

Offers 1/3 more wiring capacity than traditional profiles, as well as a 10 Gig Ready™ feature to accommodate augmented Category 6 cabling and beyond.

Maximum Bend Radius Controls

Full-capacity 2” bend radius fittings meet specifications for Fiber Optic and UTP/STP cabling, and meet and exceed TIA 569 bend radius requirements for communication pathways. The 10 Gig Ready™ feature accommodates augmented Category 6 cabling and beyond.