Wiremold® 4000 Large Raceway


The 4000 Series Raceway is the work horse of surface raceway systems. 4000 Raceway can be divided for multi-service applications. 4000 Series Raceway is ideal for all applications requiring a large cable capacity dual service steel raceway. Commercial, institutional, and industrial applications all benefit from the 4000 Series rigid steel construction and durable Ivory ScuffCoat finish. 4000 Series Raceway is also ideal for municipalities that require either all steel construction or prohibit nonmetallic cable management systems.

4047 Configurator

features & benefits

  • FiberReady 2" [51mm] Fiber Optic Radius fittings. UL and cUL verified and exceed the recommendations of TIA/EIA 569A. Available as full capacity fittings or inserts to be used for existing installations.
  • Large cross section area. Provides ample space for large wiring requirements.
  • Complete line of fittings. Provides complete wiring solution and allows for interconnection between raceway systems.
  • Gray baked enamel and Ivory ScuffCoat finish. Durable ivory Scuffcoat finish makes a scratch resistant surface.
  • Feeder or header system. Ideal for overhead, open spaces and under raised floor applications.
  • Overlapping steel faceplates. Hide unsightly seams where device plates abut raceway cover.
  • Pre-cut covers. For mounting devices on various centers without cutting the covers. Use with 4046, 4048, 4007, and 4049 Series device plates.
  • 4050 nonmetallic device plates. Overlapping design offers an aesthetically pleasing way to cover seams. Available in gray or ivory.
  • Base and cover cutters. Manually operated cutters are lightweight and portable. Cutters offer labor savings for any size job and maintain a factory clean and square end cut.
  • Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.
  • Available prewired. Manufactured to specified job site lengths and ready to install. Jobs can be packaged by area, floor, or building and shipped per job site requirements.
  • Simple prewired ordering. Provide us with marked-up electrical drawings and electrical/communications specifications and shipments can begin within three to four weeks or less for most jobs.
  • UL Listed multioutlet assemblies. File E68073 Guide PVGT. Fittings: File E121188 Guide RJPR. Meets Article 380 of NEC and meets Section 12-3023 of CEC.
  • UL and cUL Listed component raceway. File E4376 Guide RJBT. Fittings: File E41751, Guide RJPR. Meets Article 386 of NEC and meets Section 12-1600 of CEC.
  • UL5 and ADA compliant. Raceway and fittings meet UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance with ADA requirements.


General Info

  • Product Series: 4000
  • Component Type: Raceway Base & Cover

Technical Information

  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity: Multiple Channel

Buy American Act Compliance

  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant



V4000B-10, G4000B-10

4000 Raceway Base

V4000C, G4000C

4000 Raceway Cover

V4000C075, G4000C075

4000 7.5" [191mm] Precut Raceway Cover

V4000C135, G4000C135

4000 13.5" [343mm] Precut Raceway Cover

V4000C195, G4000C195

4000 19.5" [495mm] Precut Raceway Cover

V4000C315, G4000C315

4000 31.5" [800mm] Precut Raceway Cover


4000 Divider Fitting


4000 Base Cutter Fitting


4000 Base Cutter Replacement Blade Kit


4000 Cover Cutter Fitting


4000 Cover Cutter Replacement Blade Kit


4000 Wire Clip Fitting


4000 Coupling Fitting


4000 Divider Clip Fitting

V4006, G4006

4000 Seam Clip Fitting

V4010B, G4010B

4000 Blank End Fitting

V4010DFO, G4010DFO

4000 Entrance End Fitting

V4011, G4011

4000 Flat Elbow Fitting

V4011FO, G4011FO

4000 Radiused Full Capacity Flat Elbow Fitting

V4012TX, G4012TX

4000 Internal or External 45 Degree Elbow Fitting

V4014A, G4014A

4000 Wall Box Connector Fitting

V4015, G4015

4000 Tee Fitting

V4015D, G4015D

4000 Divided Tee Fitting

V4015FO, G4015FO

4000 Radiused Full Capacity Tee Fitting

V4015DFO, G4015DFO

4000 Radiused Full Capacity Divided Tee Fitting

V4017, G4017

4000 Internal Elbow Fitting

V4017FO, G4017FO

4000 Radiused Full Capacity Internal Elbow Fitting

V4017N, G4017N

4000 Inverted Internal Elbow Fitting


4000 Internal Corner Coupling (Plated) Fitting

V4018, G4018

4000 External Elbow Fitting

V4018FO, G4018FO

4000 Radiused Full Capacity External Elbow Fitting


4000 Radiused Corner Insert Fitting


4000 Radiused Insert for Internal/External Elbow Fitting


4000 Radiused Insert for Divided Flat Elbow Fitting


4000 Radiused Insert for Divided Tee Fitting

V4075D, G4075D

4000 Bridge Fitting

V4075DA, G4075DA

4000 Bridge Fitting

V4074A, G4074A

4000 Take-Off Connector (4000 to 3000 Series Raceway) Fitting

V4086A, G4086A

4000 Panel Connector Fitting


4000 Reducing Connector Fitting

V4050, G4050, CG4050

4000 Device Mounting Bracket Fitting


500/700 Spray Paint


500/700 Touch-Up Paint Pen

V4046H-2, G4046H-2

4047 Tap-Off Fitting

V4047AX, G4047AX

4047 Two-Gang Cover Single Round Opening Fitting

V4047BX, G4047BX, CG4047BX

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Fitting

V4047BB, G4047BB, CG4047BB

4047 Two-Gang Cover Two Duplex Receptacles Fitting

V4047BF, G4047BF, CV4047BF

4047 Two-Gang Cover Duplex & Modular Furniture Fitting

V4047BM, G4047BM

4047 Two-Gang Cover & Pass & Seymour Activate 2A Mini Adapter Fitting

V4047BS, G4047BS

4047 Two-Gang Cover & Ortronics Series II Mini Adapter Fitting

V4047BT, G4047BT

4047 Two-Gang Cover & Ortronics TrakJackI Mini Adapter Fitting

V4047C-1, G4047C-1, CG4047C-1, CV4047C-1

4047 One-Gang Device Plate Fitting

V4047C-2, G4047C-2

4047 Two-Gang Device Plate Fitting

V4047JX, G4047JX

4047 Two-Gang Cover Single Round Opening

V4047RX, G4047RX

4047 Two-Gang Cover Single Rectangular Opening

V4047RF, G4047RF, CV4047RF

4047 Two-Gang Cover Rectangular Opening & Modular Furniture

V4047WX, G4047WX

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Installed

V4047WF, G4047WF

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Installed One Modular Furniture Opening

V4047WM, G4047WM

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Installed Activate Mini Adapter

V4047WS, G4047WS

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Installed Series II Mini Adapter

V4047WT, G4047WT

4047 Two-Gang Cover One Duplex Receptacle Installed TrakJack Mini Adapter

V4047-2BBBB, G4047-2BBBB

4047 Four-Gang Cover Four Duplex Openings

V4047-2BBFF, G4047-2BBFF

4047 Four-Gang Cover Two Duplex & Two Modular Furniture Openings

V4047-2BBMM, G4047-2BBMM

4047 Four-Gang Cover Two Duplex & Two Mini Adapters

V4047-2BBSS, G4047-2BBSS

4047 Four-Gang Cover Two Duplex & Two Series II Mini Adapters

V4047-2BBTT, G4047-2BBTT

4047 Four-Gang Cover Two Duplex & Two TracJack Mini Adapters

V4047-2BBXX, G4047-2BBXX

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Duplex Openings

V4047-2RRXX, G4047-2RRXX

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Rectangular Openings

V4047-2WWFF, G4047-2WWFF

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Duplex & Two Modular Furniture Openings

V4047-2WWMM, G4047-2WWMM

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Activate Mini Adapters

V4047-2WWSS, G4047-2WWSS

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Series II Mini Adapters

V4047-2WWTT, G4047-2WWTT

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two TracJack Mini Adapters

V4047-2WWXX, G4047-2WWXX

4047 Four-Gang Cover With Two Duplex Receptacles Installed

V4047UX, G4047UX

4047 Bump-Up Device Plate

V4047VX, G4047VX

4047 Bump-Up Extron AAP Device Plate

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