Wiremold® DS4000 Designer Series Large Raceway


Introducing the next generation in innovative surface raceway systems. The new 4000 Designer Series Raceway from Legrand provides an aesthetically and functionally superior alternative to existing raceway profiles. DS4000 Series Raceway includes a variety of innovative features and fittings that save installation time, cost less to specify, and provide 1/3 more wiring capacity than conventional box-style raceway profiles. DS4000 Series Raceway is a dual service steel raceway, with twin covers and a built-in divider that provides full isolation of services. With its increased capacity and unique downward-facing activation capabilities, DS4000 Series Raceway is ideal for any commercial, institutional, or industrial application requiring a high capacity metal raceway.

features & benefits

  • Downward Facing Connectivity. Large bend radius for data cables and activations, streamlines the raceway appearance, and provides increased protection for both activations and cabling.
  • Innovative Profile. Aesthetic design allows for more efficient use of raceway capacity and provides 1/3 more wiring capacity than conventional raceways including Wiremold 4000® Series Raceway.
  • Adjust-to-Fit Couplings. Included couplings provide up to 4" of lateral adjustment, eliminating the need for precision cuts and reducing waste caused by measuring errors.
  • 10 Gig Ready Feature. High capacity and unique crossover fittings provide greater space within the raceway to accommodate larger diameter 10G cable.
  • FiberReady® Bend Radius Controls. All fittings include cable bend radius control and meet the specifications for Fiber Optic and UTP/STP cabling and exceed the TIA 569 requirements for communications pathways.
  • Offset Fittings. Bypass large and small obstacles, as well as small offsets in supporting walls. Seamless installations around small offsets in supporting walls are easy with offset fittings that accommodate depths of up to 9". 
  • Obstacle Avoidance Fittings. Bypass large and small obstacles like conduit and small raceways with a full range of fittings. Small obstacle avoidance fittings can also serve as a transition fitting to other Wiremold metal raceway systems. 
  • Expanded Color Palette. Available in an update palette of colors including Designer Ivory, Designer Gray, Matte Black, and Metallic Bronze. Custom colors are also available. 



General Info

  • Product Series: DS4000
  • Component Type: Raceway Base & Cover

Technical Information

  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity: Multiple Channel

Buy American Act Compliance

  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant



DS4000 Designer Raceway Base Fitting


DS4000 Designer Raceway Cover


DS4000 Wire Clip Fitting


DS4000 Adjust-to-Fit Coupling Fitting


DS4000 Seam Clip Fitting


DS4000 Half Seam Clip/Blank Faceplate Fitting


DS4000 Entrance-End-Fitting


DS4000 Blank End Fitting


DS4000 Flat Elbow Fitting


DS4000 Backfeed Coupling Fitting


DS4000 Divided Tee Fitting


DS4000 Internal Elbow Fitting


DS4000 External Elbow Fitting


DS4000 Single Channel Duplex Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Single Channel Duplex Device Plate Fitting With One Duplex Installed


DS4000 Single Channel Decorator Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Single Channel MAB Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Single Channel NEMA Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Downward Duplex Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Downward Duplex Device Plate Fitting With One Duplex Installed


DS4000 Downward Decorator Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Crossover Kit


DS4000 Small Obstacle Transition Fitting


DS4000 Downward Ortronics Series II Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Downward Device Plate Fitting


DS4000 Offset Fitting


DS4000 Adapter to 4000 Series Raceway Fitting


DS4000 Tamper Resistant Kit


DS4000 Series Raceway Cutter Fitting


DS4000 Fitting Cover Removal Tool


DS4000 Spray Paint


DS4000 Touch-Up Paint Pen

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