adorne Switches & Dimmers

adorne Switches & Dimmers

Elegance and clean lines? Of course.  Unsightly screws?  No thanks.  Just a blend of beauty and brains with an array of combinations to fit any style or taste.  Whether you favor a simple touch (like on your smart phone), a satisfying click, or even the simple wave of a hand, adorne makes it a delight to hit the lights. All products are available in white and magnesium colors.

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Dozens of options await with adorne switchesdimmers and outlets.


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Pair switches and wall plates to get the look that's right for you.


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Some switches light rooms. Others, your imagination.

Switches & Dimmers


A wide, graceful curve works with a simple up and
down motion, allowing you to turn lights on and off
with ease.



A smart design that features elegant lines and a
quiet, fluid motion.


Paddle Switch
Paddle Dimmer


Paddle Switch



Paddle Dimmer


Whisper Switch



Whisper Dimmer


Designed with an innovative micro-movement that
turns lights on and off with just a soft "tap" of the



A stunning translucent face works just like an iPod
-- simply touch your finger on the circle to turn lights
on and off.


sofTap Switch
Touch Switch
Touch Dimmer


sofTap Switch



sofTap Dimmer


Touch Switch



Touch Dimmer


Sensor turns lights on when you enter a room
and off when you leave. (Also available in
Manual-ON/Auto-OFF format.)


A tactile, finger-sized impression lets you turn lights on and off with a simple push-button motion.



Smart technology combined with sleek, modern design. Simply wave your hand to turn lights on and off.









Push Switch



Wave Switch